New Resident Move-In Appointments

These spaces are for those students that have been accepted to the Wesley House. If you sign up using a different name or your name is not on my list, your appointment will be deleted. If you are accepted to WH, please use YOUR name and not your parent or anyone else. Thanks!

Welcome to Wesley House!

We are pleased to welcome you to Wesley House where you can find community living operated by the United Methodist Church that is seeking to be compatible with the ideal of Christian love.

Wesley House is a residence hall located in the heart of the Tyler Junior College Campus. We are located next door to Campus Safety and across from Rogers Student Center. Established in 2013, Wesley House serves as home to as many as 80 students. The cost of living with us is competitive with other student housing on campus.

Wesley House

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a living environment compatible with the ideal of Christian love on campus at Tyler Junior College and to serve the campus and the world in Christian love!

Applications for Wesley House are accepted anytime.


Pleasant Surroundings

With clean and pleasant surroundings to live in, we believe you’ll have a memorable time living here with us. Living on campus is not only safer but also helps you to connect with others and grow together.

If living at Wesley House sounds like a fit for you, contact us now.